About Us

We are two merch loving Brooklyn based creatives just trying to do our part.

About the Georgia Artists

  • Naina Hussain is a self-taught illustrator, now trying to make the most of her time drawing and spreading happiness. She is obsessed with her dogs, she spends way too much time on Instagram, and is constantly looking for ways to create representation through her work, and grow professionally @bynainah
  • Greg Kletsel is an illustrator, zine-maker, risograph-printer, and filler of sketchbooks based in Avondale Estates, GA. He's created illustrations for Adult Swim, The New York Times, The New Yorker, ESPN, and Netflix, along with an animated short for Nickelodeon. gregkletsel.com
  • Palindrome Print, Illustrator/Designer Hannah McIntosh brings bold and creative designs forward with Palindrome Print. This Atlanta, GA based artist spends her days as a UX Researcher @palindromeprint
  • Maggie Tindall is an Atlanta native, a graphic designer & a lover of food. Her and her husband have two golden retrievers & enjoy exploring the Atlanta area & discussing the importance of turning Georgia blue with friends & family any chance they get! @magstindall
  • Chris Xavier is an activist, illustrator & graphic designer based in Athens, GA. Xe is a passionate fan of symmetry & bright colors. @cxavierstudios

About the Biden/Harris Artists

  • Alyssa Mora is a hand-lettering artist and graphic designer based in Denver, CO. She's a letter nerd who loves creating colorful and fun designs. Connect with her at moralyssa or see her work at alyssamora.design   
  • Ambar Del Moral is a Brooklyn-based maker and educator from Caracas, Venezuela. Her interest include listening to podcasts and watching the show One Day at a Time over and over and over again. @ambardelmoral
  • Andrea Campos is a photographer and illustrator based in sunny California. When she's not doodling away, you can find her recharging under the stars. View more of her work at andreaxcampos.com and follow along at @dreasdoodles.
  • Ariel Sinha is an illustrator and comedian in Chicago (go Sox). She's spent the last six months of quarantine painting and immediately repainting rooms in her house while letting her grey hairs grow out. @arielsinhaha
  • Caroline Reedy is an artist and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. She is currently studying at Pratt Institute for a degree in illustration. When she's not doing art, she's probably hanging out with her perfect cat, or watching YouTube videos. You can find more of her work on Instagram at doot_doodles
  • Halsey Berryman is an illustrator and sign painter from Washington D.C. with a lot of feelings and an axe to grind. Find her work at @newcolumbiasigns on IG or newcolumbiasigns.com.
  • itm.graphics (Ian Miller) is an artist and designer who spent most of his life in the midwest, but is currently based in Santa Barbara, CA. itm.graphics (website), itm.graphics (instagram). 
  • Kat Schober is a hand letterer and graphic designer in Austin, TX who hates fascism. @katchulaa on IG, if you're into that.
  • Maddie Fischer is an illustrator, painter, and amateur caterpillar keeper from the Bay Area, California. You can see more of her work on her website www.maddiefischer.com.
  • Megan Patsel is a multimedia artist, writer and comedian based in Los Angeles, California. @meganpatsel
  • Paco May is a NY-based illustrator and creative whose work focuses on pop culture, politics, and fashion. @paco.may
  • Sarah Lazarus lives in LA, where she writes Crooked Media's What A Day newsletter. Twitter @sarahclazarus
  • Steffi Lynn Tsai was born in Austin, Texas and is now currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is filled with quirkiness, color, and character. Her work is inspired by everyday things, reactions and feelings, and simple imagery from her imagination and nature. @haveanicedayy_
  • Torrence Browne is a New York-based graphic designer and theater administrator who loves pastels and basic human rights. www.torrencebrowne.com @torrencebrowne
  • Vicky Leta is an illustrator and cartoonist from Brooklyn with heaps of anxiety. @vickyleetuh
  • Yasmin Tayag is a science journalist and senior editor at OneZero and the Medium Coronavirus Blog who also dabbles in illustration. You can say hello at yasmintayag.com and see her illustrations on Instagram at @indoor___voices
  • Zac Lux is a designer, Bills fan, and Dead Head from Rochester, NY. @zaclux

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